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You know your child well enough to know he can do better
Welcome to the ADHD Neurotherapy clinic. Our expertise is treating ADHD with no medications or side effects, using the Yael Langford nctNeurofeedback Method.
Getting it custom made to your child's brain

By combining different cutting edge neurofeedback technologies with behavioural therapy, your child can learn to control and change his brain activity. This will lead him improved concentration, reduction in using aggressiveness as his way to interact socially, develop his self confidence and overcome his fears or phobia.

All thanks to neurological and cognitive tools that help your child change his brain for the better.

It's like a gym, only for the brain

Your child trains his 'brain muscles' like one would train their physical strength. And as physical exercise gets a fit and stronger body, Neurotherapy gets the child, over a series of sessions, to reverse the imbalance of his brain waves -to tighten the concentration levels and lower the destruction levels in his brain wave activity. 

The amazing thing is that the child learns how to get into the new and concentrated state of mind by himself and can apply it in school, work and social interaction. The treatment reverses the imbalance of the ADHD brain for good and reduces the need for medication such as Ritalin even in his adult life.

We give your child the tools to take control of his brain and behaviour!

The forefront method was developed by the late Yael Langford, a neuroscientist and an expert in ADHD therapy. She founded the Galim clinic in Israel who brunched out around the world.


Your child will train his brain waves using a sophisticated computer software in a friendly and fun way that will improve his achievements.

The Goal

As your child gets better along the sessions, the exercises will get harder, making his concentration level 'stretch' and work harder to achieve the same goals in the software. That's when the improvement will start showing.

The Result

As the concentration levels of your child go higher, he will learn how to induce this focused cognitive state by choice, whenever he needs and and wherever he needs it. This success will go with him for the rest of his life.

Treat your child's ADD/ADHD with no medications!

It's all in the head

Our brain activity is measured by brain waves: Beta - that are associated with concentration and focused attention, and Theta and Alpha that are responsible for day-dreaming, imagination, distracted attention to the external world and the feeling of the thoughts 'floating around'.

ADHD kids experience higher Theta and alpha waves and lower Beta - an imbalanced that has to be reversed for them to be able to perform at school and be able to concentrate. 

The Yael Langford nctNeurofeedback method

The Yael Langford NCT method using advanced neurofeedback therapy trainers the child's brain to turn the Beta frequency of the brain into the dominant frequency when he needs to concentrate, while keeping his special inner world, creativity and brightness. 

Why is nctNeurofeedback so powerful?

The unique thing about the Langford method is the combination of neurotherapy with cognitive, behavioural and psychological treatment. Our therapists encourage the child to understand and take control of his brain activity and training.

A great focus is put on the child's self confidence 

ADHD kids usually present low self esteem due to constant feeling of failure in the educational system. They can't help it (unless they learn to train it) that they forget their homework or stop listening to the teacher during a lesson. It's their imbalanced brain activity that does it for them. And then they are blamed and given labels such as 'problematic kids'. this and more heightened the frustration level of the child and might lead to aggressive behaviour. 

The result is that the child can't function properly without his medication....

This is why our therapists focus on the child's involvement in the treatment and on guiding the parents along the process. This is part of the key to the success of the treatment.


QEEG is an assessment tool to objectively and scientifically evaluate a person’s brainwave function. 


Now, for 30-40 sessions (45-50 min each) your child will train his brain like you will train a muscle in the gym.


HEG training aims to boost blood flow activity to your brain and as a result it improves mental and emotional functioning.

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