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Rachel Langford MSc. Med, MBPsS

Neuroscientist and director of the nctNeurofeedback London Clinic

Rachel Langford is a neuroscience researcher and a clinician. Some of her areas of interest are: Consciousness and behaviour, Brain treatment for ADHD, the neuroscience of romantic relationships, and brain functions in minimally conscious states in the medical setting.

She is the head of research and clinical Science at NeuroAudit, developing innovative psychoacoustic ultrasound neuro-stimulation technology for cognitive enhancement, and hearing aid instrumentation via blood conduction.

Rachel is qualified in medical neuroscience (MSc. Med). Her research has demonstrated the possibility of reversing neural birth defects induced by prenatal exposure to pesticides. This was demonstrated using stem cell transplant to the hippocampus and shown to improve spatial learning and memory in animal models.


For her second Masters in Health Psychology Rachel was studying Binaural Beats Therapy within the Mood-Matching-Music paradigm on Heart Rate Variability and cognitive function.

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The Galim Clinic

Our main clinic and research Lab, Tel Aviv, Israel

The Galim - nctNeurofeedback clinic offers neuro-cognitive brainwave training for cognitive and executive functions, language and sensory processing, mood and emotional processing conditions in children and adults. It has been established by Rachel Langford, a Neuroscientist and researcher of brain science and Health Psychology (MSc.Med, MBPsS). 

The clinic is the London-based clinic of the Galim Neurofeedback Centre, Israel. Rachel has over 17 years’ clinic experience in the field of Brain training and Neurofeedback, working at Galim.


The Galim Centre has more than 30 years of training, treatment and research into neurofeedback and neuroscience for the treatment of a variety of neural, cognitive and emotional conditions.