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Clients and their families share their experience of brain training at the nctNeurofeedback clinic

"Dear Rachel 
Thanks to you.  You've made me a braininac. I enjoyed coming to neuro bio feedback (aka Braini).

Your exercises helped me to concentrate and become a better version of myself.

I hope I could stay in contact with you and come back if I ever need help. 

Keep up the mind games"
From B.

Feb 2024


“Dearest Rachel, firstly I would like to say a big thank you to you and your lovely team for helping K. Although we still have some way to go, I have noticed a significant improvement in his overall mood and behaviour”

"He needs to have extra driving lessons to prepare him for his test as he is very nervous. This alone is a testimony to the benefits of neurofeedback because he would usually be reluctant to do any of this, whereas now he seems much more motivated about his future"

"Once again, I cannot thank you enough for all that you have done for K. You entered our lives at a time of great desperation and have proven to be Godsend"

May 2023

Nov 2022

nctneurofeedback clinic testimonials

"M found it impossibly challenging to focus, concentrate, absorb or learn. So much of his day was spent fighting the learning system that he was constantly drained of positive energy. He could not ever taste success and each day was one long struggle and fight and one long unending string of hurdles. He was thus practically always in a negative, low mood, battling frustration, anger, rsentment. He was uptight, anxious and mostly in fight or flight mode. Understandably, this was tough on all of us. We wanted improvement in all these areas.

nctneurofeedback testimonial Nov 22

And, thank G-D, we achieved so much of this. His concentration and focus improved. After some months he was actually able to tell us "today I actually had an enjoyable 30 minute learning session" These were words we never thought we would hear. No, he didnt become an Einstein but his learning skills definitely improved. Domino effect: he tasted success, his self image and self esteem improved greatly, his mood lifted enormously and our home became a calmer, happier place!

nctneurofeedback clinic testimonial Nov 2022

It is defininitely a heavy decision. We are talking about a huge financial investment and no results are 100% guaranteed. Having said that, we took the plunge and never looked back. We are so happy with the outcome. Results were even better than we could have hoped for. M is a different person. The cynics could argue that he merely grew up and matured, considering he was a young 16 when we started. But I cant buy into that. The timing was too coincidental. Yes, it was a lot of money, but I strongly believe it paid off."


Jacob, father of 11 year old with ADD
July 2021

Dear Mrs Langford,

Lots of positive points to report this week

1. B got a Good Work token from his teacher this Friday

2. Our older children were commenting at lunch how helpful and well behaved B is being. 

They have NEVER made such positive comments about his before

3. His learning and revision session went well

4. The new morning tick chart about getting up and ready for school is going amazingly.

Thank you SO much for all you are doing for him


Emma, teacher of B (10 years old)
July 2021

"At the start of the year he found it hard to write without adults support. He often didn't know what to say or couldn't articulate his ideas and he found it impossible to work his way through tasks without help.


He now has lots of ideas, he is able to verbalise them, he can follow fairly complex instructions and he is able to write independently and enjoy it.



Emma, teacher of B (10 years old)
July 2021

"At the start of year 4 he often felt he couldn't do tasks independently, particularly in English. This made him demoralised and he would regularly stray off task and become chatty and distracted.


He is now very well focused and he gets down to his work quickly. He has become much more confident about what he is capable of and he works very well independently" 

Screen Shot 2021-05-05 at 15.43.28.png

Amanda, mother to a 9 years old with ADHD

May 2021

I cannot thank Rachel enough. From the first day that I met her to discuss my son who has ADHD I felt her knowledge, professionalism and warmth. 


When we first started the sessions my son was extremely difficult, he was running out of the classroom at school and refusing to learn. He was extremely emotional, hyperactive and not really sleeping. 


Within 6 sessions the first thing I noticed was that he was falling asleep and staying asleep until morning within half an hour of getting into bed. 


Soon his emotional outbursts became a lot easier to manage and the meltdowns that lasted for up to an hour were diffused in minutes. 


He is also less fidgety now and a very happy and confident child. He is no longer running out of the classroom and is learning and a pleasure to be around. 


My son was on medication for his ADHD which has come down to the lowest dose now. We are hoping to completely take him off the medication very soon. 


I am so glad we found nctneurofeedback and would recommend it to anyone who was in a similar position to me 2 years ago.

Rebecca, mother to a 20 year old with anxiety related learning issues

Feb 2020

His improved ability to work is certainly a credit to you and all the work you have done with him to date.

He could never have done it without you so thank you!

Linda, mother to a 24 year old with ASD

Feb 2020

Firstly just to let you know how much improvement we are seeing in J.


He is more observant of things going on around him, calm almost all of the time, time managing much better than ever before.


These are just some of the things that come to mind as I am typing to you. 

Thank you for all you are doing. 

Linda, mother to a 24 year old 

Dec 2019

just to say that almost everything about J's behaviour and interactions has continued to improve each week.


 Weaknesses still with sleep patterns and looking after his diet if I stop micro managing him. Social interactions seem to be improving and he has only had the occasional outburst while playing computer games.


He is more interactive with us than a few months ago and less argumentative. Life definitely feels a little easier at home. 

I hope today's session goes well, he really enjoys then and is interested in the oxygen levels you report back to him.

Thank you for everything you are doing with him

Richard, attendee of one of our ADHD talks

Dec 2019

I attended this event where Rachel Langford gave an excellent interactive presentation covering the functions of the brain, medical research, analysis and findings and much more. Everybody gained a significantly better understanding of ADHD.


I would urge educational professionals at all levels, who sadly were absent at this session, to make every effort to contact Ms Langford and the Neuro Cognitive clinic in Hendon for what must be one of the best local resources available, helping teachers, parents and children to understand this subject and best practices to achieve long term results

Dear parents, thank you to those mummies who joined us this morning. We had Rachel Brova (Langford), one of our mothers, a neuroscientist, who gave us a fascinating, productive introductory course on parenting and understanding the human brain. 

She gave a glimpse of how she works with children/adults in balancing the brain to support behaviours. 

She had us all mesmerised in how to support children who show difficulty in learning and behaviour. 

Parents workshop on ADHD and the brain

Feb 2020

Screen Shot 2021-05-06 at 18.50.34.png

Ethel (36) for memory issues, focus and stress management

May 2021

Before I started training I experienced a lot of short memory loss, loss of events timings or details (had a wedding, but showed up on a different day), prepared a salad for an event and forgot to bring it. I had events planned in my head but remembered them on the wrong time. I also don't remember events from the past, but at the same time some of them I remember very vividly (what I was wearing and saying etc).


Today it never happens - I am more focused and concentrated, more organised, I have no more migraines and much less headaches. I am on top of things. 


The most important thing for me is that I wake up early (with no alarm!) and wake up energetic. 

I am naturally feeling ready to start morning routine as I am awake, while in the past I used to not feel awake before 11am. 


I fall asleep faster and sooner (used to only be able to go to sleep at 1-2am and now can easily go to sleep at 11-12pm). I function better during the day. 


I also learnt how to manage my energy - I used to take too much upon myself and then collapse and now I don't take too much on.


My training experience with the nctNeurofeedback clinic:


It is a very pleasant experience and nice atmosphere. There is always someone to talk to. I get a lot of explanations about everything we are training, why, what areas, exercise etc and the way they relate to my brain and targets.


Thank you!


Screen Shot 2021-05-06 at 18.51.04.png

Ari, 13 years old, for ADD

April 2021

Trainer: What did you come to train your brain for and how did you see improvements? 

Ari: Because of my ability to concentrate. I couldn’t focus much during class time and not for too long. 

Now I can see a lot of improvement. I manage much more to focus. Even if I have 2 min during class when I realise I can’t focus, I can then continue concentrating for the rest of the time. I can now decide when I want to focus and can do it. 


Trainer: If you were to tell about the brain training to a friend, what would you tell them? 

Ari: I would tell them that they should try it because it can help even when you think that for you it won’t help, you should try and see that it can. 


Trainer: How would you explain to a friend what brain training is? 

Ari: You watch a video or play a game and the volume, the screen and the quality of the video changes according to the focus of the brain. So I want to focus as much as I can so I will hear the video better, so that my screen gets brighter, and I will be able to watch it better. 


Trainer: how do you think the brain training you do in clinic apply to what you do in school? 

Ari: because now I can decide that I want to focus and I do, even when the class materials are not very interesting. I can just decide to concentrate. 

Screen Shot 2021-05-24 at 00.36.05.jpg

Alisa, mother to a 9-year-old with ASD

May 2021

J is doing really well actually, his very settled back at school and the feedback from his occupation therapist is being really great actually.


She said to me his like a child on medication, he is really, a lot more focused, and a lot more able to stay with the task.


I think last week he even choose to do a kind of written more focused task rather than a very physical one, which he usually chooses.

All sounds really great. really keen  for him to get going again.


Let me know so I'll book him in..... he does keep telling me that he misses it and he's looking forward to going back to brain training. So yes, that's good news...

Testimonials from our Hebrew speaking clients

InkedWhatsApp Image 2022-09-29 at 13.01.23 (1).jpg

שירה, אימא של ס' בן 8 (על הספקטרום)
ספטמבר 2022

" רחלי יקרה, שנה טובה ומתוקה

כמה טוב שהצלחנו להתחבר וכמה נעים לראות את השינויים העדינים אך המשמעותיים אצל ס' בזכות הטיפול אצלך.

אנחנו נתגעגע למפגשים שלנו

ומקווה שניפגש עוד הרבה בעתיד

שנה טובה ומתוקה ותודה על הכל"

InkedTestimonial 290922 1.jpg

אלישבע, אימא של א' בן 15
אוגוסט 2022

"שלום צבי, סליחה שאני מפריעה אבל אני חייבת לשתף אותך.

א ברוך השם התחיל ישיבה ביום ראשון, הוא שמח מאד.

וכל יום הוא חוזר מאושר מאד ומציין שלדעתו גלים וצבי עשו לו משהו טוב.


ניסיתי  לשאול מה?

הוא הסביר שהוא מצליח לקום בבוקר מיד ומתלבש בזריזות (אמת ויציב) והוא מגיע בזמן לתפילה.

והוא ממש מרגיש שהוא מבין את החומר...

אז בטוח זה בזכות גלים וצבי.

בראשון יהיה מבחן (אני קצת בלחץ בשבילו) אבל הוא כרגע רגוע ושמח אז ממש תודה.

מגיע גם לך לשמוע ולרוות נחת"

Testimonial 290922 2.jpg

סיון, אימא של ה' בת 15 (חרדת מבחנים)
ספטמבר 2022

"היי רחלי, עכשיו אנחנו בהיי שאחרי.

אחרי שהיא הכינה אותנו שהיו לה טעויות והיא לא זכרה במדויק פרטים וכיו"ב היא הוציאה תעודה עם שלוש 9, 8 אחד ו 7 במתמטיקה! (המדעים אצלה היה יותר חלש).

היתה מאושרת (וגם אנחנו עבורה)"



שרון, אימא של ת' בת 9
אפריל 2021

הבת שלי טופלה בשלוחה של מרכז גלים בלונדון, אצל רחל לנגפורד, ויש לי רק מילים טובות וחמות לומר עליה ועל המרכז והשיטה.

הרגשנו כבר אחרי בלוק הסשנים הראשון שינויים משמעותיים לטובה. החל מקשב וריכוז אבל גם רמת חרדות שירדה משמעותית, שינה יותר טובה, עימותים עם האח התמעטו עד כמעט אפס, התפרצויות רגשיות שנעלמו ועוד.


אמנם הגענו לרחלי בגלל קשב וריכוז אבל בתהליך המיפוי הראשוני צפו גם הדברים שהזכרתי וכאמור גם בהם הרגשנו שינויים גדולים לטובה.


דרך כל התהליך היה לנו קשר מיוחד ואישי עם רחלי.

בכל שלב הרגשתי שהטיפול אמין וכנה, שעושים רק מה שצריך לטובת הילד ושחשוב להם שהטיפול יצליח והעיקר שהילד ירגיש טוב וימשיך לצמוח ולהשתפר.


הבת שלי ממש אהבה להגיע לסשנים.

היום היא תלמידה מצטיינת בתוך מערכת מאד תובענית ותחרותית וחלק מהקרדיט מגיע בוודאות למרכז גלים ולשיטה.

fb 2.JPG

יפעת, אימא של ב' בן 9
אפריל 2021

הבן שלי מטופל השלוחה של גלים בלונדון, אנחנו מאד מרוצים, הבן שלי משתף פעולה עם המטפלים, התקשורת שלי עפ המטפלים מועילה, אפילו יצרו קשר עם המורה לבקשתי.


הילד יותר רגוע, מצליח להתרכז יותר, פחות התפרצויות ריגשיות..


אני רואה המון יתרונות לטיפול בשיטה זאת.


"אם היית שואלת אותי לפני שנה אם היית יכולה לקחת את ב' ל 10 ימי בידוד הייתי אומרת אין מצב...

ועכשיו כשאנחנו בבידוד זה פשוט מדהים. ב' קורא המון, הילדים כמעט ולא רבים (שזה עבורי מדהים), הוא צובע, הם בחוץ בגינה של אימא שלי. אני לא כל היום מסביבו צריכה להעסיק אותו.

רחל, זה לא יאמן, אימא שלי אמרה שב' השתנה, נרגע (והיא לא ראתה אותו שנה וחצי)"

Inkedfb 1_LI.jpg

ליזה, אימא של ד' בן 12
אפריל 2021

"אני עם הילדים שלי אחרי מספר מקומות שעברו ללא הצלחה מצאנו "גלים"במקרה.


החלטתי לנסות,זה היה אחד ממקומות שהתחברתי לשיטה וגם הסברים שקיבלתי נתנו לי אינפורמציה שהיתה חסרה לי.


יש לציין שילדים מטיפול ראשון היו מוכנים להמשיך ולשתף פעולה והיה חיבור מעולה עם הצוות שלווה אותנו.


כל שאלה שלי שעלתה ,קבלתי יחס אינדיבידואלי ותשובה ש הרחיבה לי אפקים.


גם אחרי טיפול אני שומרת על הקשר ומרגישה מאוד בנוח לפנות לאנשי המקצוע"

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