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The neuroscience of cognitive and emotional challenges in children
The neuroscience of cognitive and emotional challenges in children

Thu, 15 Dec



The neuroscience of cognitive and emotional challenges in children

Brain techniques for improving cognitive and emotional challenges in children: A Neuroscientist's journey into ADHD, ASD and ODD brains.

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Time & Location

15 Dec 2022, 20:00 GMT

Barnet, Barnet, UK

About the event

A talk by Rachel Langford MSc. Med, MBPsS for parents, teachers and caregivers

Have you ever wondered: 

  • Why is it that I need to say everything several times before my child responds?
  • Why does my child respond in an explosive and aggressive way?
  • Why does my child still wet the bed?
  • Why does my child find it hard to deal with frustration?

Previous published studies using different techniques of brain imaging have demonstrated that there may be some differences between the brains of people with and without these conditions. We will get familiar with those differences and most importantly - what can be done about it, in the school and home setting. We will present tools and the science behind them, that can help the brain reduce hyperactivity, improve emotional dysregulation, and improve cognitive functions.

Topics that will be covered:
  • The brain of a child with ADHD, ADD, ODD
  • Do and Don’t-do for parents and teachers of ADHD children
  • Sleep patterns, brain activity and sleep habits in ADD/ADHD
  • Breathing patterns in hyperactive and emotionally dysregulated children and how they affect brain performance.

Understanding the child’s brain can help parents and teachers guide, help and encourage the child. By learning about tools to regulate the brain activity, you will be able to give him/her the tools to understand their brain, and most importantly – to take control over their brain activity and train it to become more focused and concentrated.

About Rachel Langford

Rachel Langford is the founder of the London nctNeurofeedback Clinic. The clinic offers neuro-cognitive EEG assessment and training for the treatment of cognitive and learning processing issues and conditions such as ADD/ADHD/ODD. 

Rachel has 17 years’ clinic experience in the field of Neurofeedback and Neurotherapy, working for many years at The Galim Neurofeedback Centre in Israel. The Galim Centre has more than 30 years of experience in training, treatment and research into neurofeedback and neuroscience for the treatment of a variety of neural, cognitive and emotional conditions. 

Rachel is also the head of research and clinical Science at NeuroAudit, developing innovative psychoacoustic ultrasound neuro-stimulation technology for cognitive improvements in Alzheimer’s patients.

Rachel’s most recent research project focuses on auditory brain stimulation for improving cognitive functions. She teaches and gives talks and workshops. She is also an author and a neuroscience journalist.


  • Talk by Rachel Langford

    The neuroscience of cognitive and emotional challenges in children

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