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Click on the image for main slides of the talk


Link to the Hormonal personality type questionnaire by Dr. Helen Fisher.


Digit length research background and referencing 



Further reading for hormonal types. The Wall Street Journal


Publications by John Manning about digit Ratio. Recommended book

Screen Shot 2020-01-26 at 20.44.48.png
Main references 
  • Sex differences in anterior cingulate cortex activation during impulse inhibition and behavioral correlates. Click here

  • The Genetics of Sex Differences in Brain and Behavior. Click here

  • Sex differences in the neuroanatomy of human mirror-neuron system. Click here

  • Gender differences in brain networks supporting empathy. Click here

  • Gender differences in the cognitive control of emotion: An fMRI study. Click here

  • Gender Differences in Emotion Regulation: An fMRI Study of Cognitive Reappraisal. Click here

  • Dynamic corticostriatal activity biases social bonding in monogamous female prairie voles. Click here

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