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Eliorah Goodman

Neurofeedback technician

Eliorah's academic background is the research of music. Originally from London UK and trained at Galim towards becoming a qualified technician, she is now part of our Israel clinics' team

Eliorah has worked with a wide range of clients, from adults to small children from around the world. Some of her work includes; assisting children with special needs and conducting music and art therapy workshops with refugees.

She is currently employed as a teacher at a Reggio Emilio preschool that specialises in a progressive learning approach, focused on child-led play and relationship-based education.

In addition, Eliorah is completing studies in neurobiology, to supplement her work as a teacher and trainer.

Her interest in child development, psychology and neuroscience feeds directly into both her creative work as well as her passion about mental health and equal opportunity.

Eliorah Goodman
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