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Anna Jusek

Neurofeedback Technician

Anna joined us after completing her Masters in Neuroscience. She completed her training in our London clinic and serves as one of our Neurofeedback technicians.

"I work as an Assistant Psychologist in the NHS (EMDR and CPD department) and Junior Therapist in private practice (where my training and client work is primarily focused on PTSD, alongside other ailments such as depression, anxiety and neurological disorders, e.g., ADHD). 

My MSc in Molecular Neuroscience was an opportunity to research how movement, sleep and nutrition impact health, behaviour and the formation of disease on an intra-cellular level e.g., in Alzheimer’s and anxiety disorders. After graduating I assisted with analysing various EEG biomarkers in animal models of Autism and Alzheimer’s, and later worked at a special educational care unit (consisting of children aged 4-9) with autism, ADHD and global development delay. My role was to design and facilitate lessons, e.g., Math, Drama and English that align with each child’s specific needs and capability. In addition to applying behaviour interventions to encourage learning."

Anna Jusek
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