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Dear clients,

During these challenging days of the COVID-19 virus, when we're all forced to stay at home and avoid face-to-face contact, we would like you to know that we're here - over the phone or online, for consultations, advice and brain tools recommendations. 

These days when the children are off school with not much of a routine, when they might get worried of what they hear around them and in the news, or when they find it hard to stick to home schooling or school tasks, we will be happy to answer questions and offer advice for parents and guardians that may help go through this challenging period in a smoother way.

We invite you to get in touch by email or by clicking the button under the picture here, to schedule your online slot. London clients will be booked with Rachel. Israel clients will be assigned to their trainer. 

Wishing us all good health and looking forward to seeing you in clinic when the time comes.

Meet our Israeli team


Senior neurofeedback Clinician

Dr Silviu Shor

Specialises in Neurofeedback, Biofeedback and Cognitive- Behavioural Psychotherapy


nctNeurofeedback trainer

Hodaya Goldberg

Hodaya is currently developing her training as a neuroscientist and has been with us for a while now as a professional nctNeurofeedback trainer


Israel clinic manager

Naomi Langford

Naomi is a qualified therapist in various alternative medicine methods. She has been managing our Israel clinic for the past 10 years.


Office and admin manager


Anat is an educational therapist, that have worked many years with parents of ADHD children. She published a book about the disorder, together with a school work book for ADHD children.


nctNeurofeedback trainer


Tzvi is a trained nctNeurofeedback practitioner at the Galim Clinic. At his clinic in Petach Tikva, he is also a life coach and an NLP practitioner, treating clients for over 14 years.


Office and admin


[Picture and description under construction]

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