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GSR + Respiration Biofeedback for mobiles

The eSense Skin Response is a small sensor to measure your skin conductance using the microphone input of your smartphone or tablet (Android or Apple iOS).


Your skin conductance depends directly on your state of relaxation or stress, making it a commonly used and very precise stress indicator. With the eSense Skin Response, you can precisely identify your stress level, from home with just your smartphone or tablet.

The Importance of Breathing in Stress Relief

Our breathing can be influenced by our minds and is the most widely used relaxation technique worldwide to counteract and actively reduce stress. Direct biofeedback of the respiration, ie the real-time feedback of the breathing pattern, the depth of breath and the respiratory rate, helps our consciousness to learn new and better breathing patterns more quickly and to implement them. The biofeedback training helps to concentrate fully on the breathing, especially for beginners this is a great help. Through a breath back feedback this entry is much easier. In addition to this measurement and feedback, the eSense app also offers so-called respiratory aids, where you can specify how to breathe.


Importance of biofeedback breathing training

Two main measures are critical in measuring respiration: respiratory amplitude (RA = respiration amplitude, how deep you breathe) and the rate of respiration, the breaths per minute. Breathing is a parameter that we can consciously control. Many other typical biofeedback parameters do not have this option and can only be controlled vegetatively. Therefore biofeedback breathing training is an optimal biofeedback training variant especially for beginners.

The eSense provides you in various ways with exact feedback about your momentary stress level, e.g. with measurement curves, video display and audio feedback features.



​Training facilities


For training and improving your breathing, the app offers a range of biofeedback disclaimers:

  • bar Feedback

  • Curve Feedback

  • Video feedback (videos included and own videos freely selectable)

  • Music feedback (music included and own music freely selectable)

  • Feedback (change of pitch due to the measured values)

  • Tactile feedback through vibration (only smartphones, tablets can not vibrate)

  • Feedback from color changes of smart bulbs (Bluetooth light bulb and Philips Hue products are controllable)

eSense Respiration with the eSense app gives you

  • a pressure sensor to record your breathing (respiratory rate, breathing depth, respiratory pattern)

  • Always use in conjunction with the eSense Skin Response, as a sensor cable

  • a comfortable stretch belt, washable and durable

  • to wear comfortably over the clothes

  • Unlimited recording time

  • extensive statistics on breath analysis

  • unlimited number of sessions and users

  • Respiratory aid for breathing training with freely adjustable intervals, help and more

  • Export the measurement data as a CSV file with compatibility with other software programs for further analysis

  • Export curves, charts and statistics as a PDF report.

  • Set any number of markers during a recording

  • Various pre-made training procedures are included in the app

  • Free training according to your wishes with each biofeedback variant or several at the same time

  • Extensive in-app help and manuals

  • Regular updates of the app

  • Combination capability with the eSense Pulse for heart rate variability biofeedback with determination of the cohesion between heartbeat and respiration!

Quick Start Guide

  • By purchasing the eSense Respiration, you can download our free app from the App Store (Apple®), Google Play (Android) or the Amazon AppStore. (you can already do that before, but the app does not display meaningful values ??without a sensor)

  • Put on the breathing belt. The strap should be firm but not uncomfortably tight or pinch.

  • Start the app and click on "Start", the measurement will start.

  • Read the detailed instructions in the app or manual to get a good breath of biofeedback training.

  • Have fun! with the eSense Respiration!

Which iOS devices are supported?

  • Apple® iPhone® 4S or later

  • 3rd generation or newer Apple® iPad®, including all iPad Mini

  • 1st generation or later Apple® iPad® Pro (in combination with a USB-C to 3.5mm headphone adapter)

  • Apple® iPod touch® 5th generation or later

  • Apple® iPhone® 7, iPhone® 7 Plus, iPhone® 8, iPhone® 8 Plus, iPhone® X, iPhone® XR and iPhone® XS (in combination with a Lightning to 3.5-mm - Headphone adapter)


Which Android devices are supported?

  • All Android smartphones and tablets from Android 4.4

  • Your Android device needs a 3.5mm (headphone plug type) input for external microphones!

  • If you plan to purchase a device specifically for use with the eSense, we recommend the Amazon Fire 7 as a low-cost entry-level device.

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