Meet the team

Rachel Langford - Neuroscientist

Rachel Langford is a neuroscientist, with a special interest on the neuroscience of behavior and consciousness.

Her research in The Haddasah Medical School in Israel showed reversal of neural birth defects and learning disability induced by prenatal exposure to alcohol and pesticides.

Rachel is the main clinician and the manager of our London Clinic.

She served as a manager of The Galim Centre, TLV, Israel for over 10 years. The institute, founded by the late neuroscientist Yael Langford, offers neurotherapy treatments for ADD/ADHD, cognitive and peak performance treatments, and relief of stress and pain related medical conditions.

Among the modalities used in the centre - A neurofeedback lab and clinic, R.E.S.T therapy treatments using sensory deprivation tanks and oscillated sounds.

Dr Lucian Moskovitz - Psychiatrist

Dr. Moskovitz srves as a psychiatrist and ADHD therapist. He works at the Mental health Centre in Beer Yaacov, Israel and is part of the Galim clinic for ADHD treatment in Israel.

Since 2003 he studies and applies light therapy methods for treatment of depression and enxiety, while seraching and establishing non invasive therapy techniques to relieve stress and it's physical implications.

His research, which led to a treatment patent, was publish on 2009 in the Journal of Affective Disorders

Naomi Langford - Israel head of clinic

Naomi specialises in R.E.S.T, Neurofeedback and Biofeedback therapies and manges our clinic in Israel for the past 8 years.

Among the conditions that are treated in her field are: anxiety, ADHD, sleep problems and stress related conditions.

Naomi is our expert in Psychoacoustic Osillation sound- therapy (the induction of brain waves and states of mind by certain sounds).

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